Ukraine – one of the closest neighbors and the most important business partner for Poland. The law firm Tyniec Kostrz i Wspólnicy is one of the most dynamically developing law firm in Poland now.

We build lasting relationships with our clients. Our law firm has global mind, that is why we have clients from different countries. The law firm Tyniec Kostrz i Wspólnicy takes part in a lot of transactions between entrepreneurs from Poland and Ukraine. It gave us an opportunity to got invaluable experience.

Our firm provides legal assistance to both domestic and international clients. Our team offers full range of legal services, from the creation of the company to international tax planning.We represent our clients in legal proceedings and in public institutions. The law firm Tyniec Kostrz i Wspólnicy works with a wide range government and non-government organizations. We help to get licenses and permits.

We help our clients to create the business in Ukraine and develop it and be successful in it. Our law firm offers a full range of legal services in the sphere of legal support of business on the whole territory of Ukraine.

We are able to find an optimal solution for your business.


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